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General Wiring Instructions

Please Read these Instructions Before Installing Your Fixture


1. Before removing the old fixture or installing the new fixture, shut off the power to the electrical box by removing the fuse or shutting off the circuit breaker for that circuit.
2. Fixture wires must be connected to the appropriate house wires. The black fixture wire must connect to the black (power) house wire and the white fixture wire must connect to the white (neutral) house wire. (if your fixture has lamp cord wire the distinction is made by texture rather than color. In this case, the smooth fixture wire must connect to the black (power) house wire and the wire with the ridges along the outer edge must connect to the white (neutral) house wire.


If your fixture has a bare ground wire (a wire without any insulation), where you connect the ground wire depends on your house wiring. Never connect the bare ground wire to a current-carrying wire. If your house has metal electrical boxes, you must connect the fixture ground wire to the green ground screw on the crossbar. If your house is newer or has been recently rewired and has plastic electrical boxes, connect the fixture ground wire to the house ground wire (the bare copper wire without any insulation).

4. If your fixture has a switch on the backplate, connect the black switch wire to the black (power) house wire. Connect the white switch wire to the black (or smooth) fixture wire. The white (or ridged) fixture wire is connected to the white house wire.
5. You must not leave any bare wires exposed after installation (except the bare ground wires, if any). Stripped ends of joined wires must be completely covered by wire nuts. Make sure you do not cut, scrape or damage in any way the fixture wire insulation or the house wire insulation during installation.
6. Do not leave any wires in contact with sharp metal edges.
7. Only use light bulbs of the correct type and in no greater wattage than specified for your fixture. Using higher wattage bulbs or certain "decorator" type bulbs will shorten the life of the fixture and may create a fire hazard.
8. Turn off the power to the fixture at the wall or cl\nopy switch before installing light bulbs.
9. If your fixture has become slightly misaligned during shipping, you can often "tweak" it back into alignment with a gentle twist. If this doesn't work, give us a call for further advice.
10.  If you have any doubts about how to install a light fixture, or if a fixture fails to operate properly, you should contact a local licensed electrician.
11. The following tools and materials may be required to install your fixture:
a. Electric drill & drill bits
b. Flat blade screwdriver
c. Adjustable wrench or pliers
d. Wire strippers
e. Wire cutters
f. Wire nuts (not supplied - the size depends on the number and size of the wires being connected.
g. Crossbar mounting screws (these should be provided with the electrical box. [If you need to replace them, try 8/32 x 1/2")

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